About Us

With experience in the lubricants industry dating back to the late 1980s, we specialise in the provision of technical expertise, design, construction and supply of process plants all over the world. Often, we have worked in situations where there are limited financial resources, so we are used to coming up with affordable and practical solutions.


Our work has ranged from technical management to designing. building and commissioning grease manufacturing and other process plants.

We have technical know-how that extends beyond the equipment, due to extensive experience in the grease manufacturing industry, working with mono-soap, complex and non-melting grease formulae with a wide variety of processes, for diverse applications.

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Ryland Research Grease Autoclave in Bangladesh
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Meet the team

Ryland Research Limited is jointly managed by John and Fiona Ryland, who have a scientific, engineering and business education and have worked in the lubricants, wax and process plant building industries since 1989.

Ryland Research - John Ryland - Director

John Ryland – Director

Education: BSc (Hons) in Physics from University of Surrey in 1989

Engineering experience: 

  • One year during degree working for the UK Atomic Energy Authority.
  • Part-time work assisting on building an overseas grease manufacturing plant.
  • Technical Manager at Ilex Lubricants, renamed Jet-Lube (UK) Limited in1993, a grease and oilfield compound manufacturer.
  • Managed grease plant projects including one in Turkey and another one sent to Kuwait and transferred complex grease manufacturing processes from the US to UK.
Ryland Research - Fiona Ryland - Director

Fiona Ryland – Director

Education: BEng in Engineering with Business Studies from University of Portsmouth in 1995

Engineering experience: 

  • Worked on grease plant projects during student years.
  • Worked in the pipework supply industry and managed a marine fuel blender project.
Ryland Research Lithium Grease Kettle
Ryland Research Lithium Grease Kettle in Turkey
Ryland Research Grease Plant in Qatar 2012
Ryland Research Customers in Turkey
Ryland Research Grease Kettle Unloading in Qatar