Modelling Wax

Are you looking for a wax of similar consistency to what is used to sculpt vehicle mock ups?

On the other hand, do you need us to develop a wax formulation for you?

Using prior knowledge from having worked in the wax-manufacturing industry and help from a sculpting materials supplier, we developed X-Wax in 2014 – 2015.  It is an alternative to the modelling and sculpting wax typically used for sculpting vehicle mock-ups.  It is also the alternative to traditional clay because it has the benefit that its does not dry out.

X-Wax Oil-Free is a modelling and sculpting wax primarily intended for producing masters prior to rubber skin casting.  It can be shaped by hand and with tools.  You can increase its workability by warming it on a domestic radiator or for a SHORT time in a microwave oven.  Do NOT try hardening X-Wax by firing, because it would melt under those circumstances.

  • Hand and tool sculpting of figures and objects
  • Prototypes and mock-ups
  • Prop-making in movie and theatre applications
  • Impression taking
  • Mould making
  • Furniture fixative
  • Oil free formulation makes it joinable using adhesive such as CA glue
  • Smooth texture for detail
  • Resistant to drying
  • Compatible with RTV and two pack silicone rubber
  • Low melting point means easier casting with less shrinkage

Below room temperature: Solid with little or no tendency to sag
Room temperature:  Workable with tools or by hand
Warmed on radiator or in hand:  Putty consistency that can be more easily pressed into shape
Body Temperature:  Soft and becoming spreadable
Car interior on a hot sunny day:  Risk of sculpture sag
Between congealing and pour points:  Similar to moisturising cream
Above pour point:  Can be poured into a mould