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Project Management, Engineering Experience and Expertise

If you need to install a new process plant facility or to update, instead of tying up internal expertise and resources, talk to us.

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With more than 30 years' experience, we can manage your process plant project from feasability to commissioning and beyond.

Are you buying-in when you want to manufacture?

Manufacturing in-house needs investment, but it brings two benefits; one is a higher gross margin and the other is more control of your product. In fact, the extra control you have is often the greater benefit. Brief us about your needs; it will enable us to propose to you a system, normally based around a survey, agreement, design, often based on easier-to-install modules, management of the supply, commissioning and after-care.

Do you need to upgrade your equipment to bring your plant up-to-date?

Even if you have in-house expertise, too much of their time spent on looking at new plant and equipment is time not spent on maximising your product range's technical excellence. Using us frees up their time to concentrate on what they do best. Furthermore, our experience of working on tight budgets means that we can modernise and upgrade without necessarily tearing everything out and starting again.

Do you know your Health and Safety side needs to improve?

We can help you look at process protocols to see where operators are exposed to risk and either find ways to change the process or to upgrade the equipment.

Suffering from rising energy costs or need to improve your environmental performance?

We can provide the means to reduce your energy costs through techniques such as waste heat recovery and introduce cost-effective ways to manage fume emissions.

"We are happy to work with clients on individual key stages of the project, or project manage the entire process from start to finish." John Ryland, Director

Working in the lubricants world since 1989

Our technical know-how is founded upon years in the grease manufacturing industry, working with mono-soap, complex and non-melting grease formulae with a wide variety of processes, for diverse applications. We continuously improve our designs to incorporate the latest technology to maximise process flexibility and ease of use to the operators.

Why Work With Us?

Affordable Solutions

Often, we have worked in situations where there are limited financial resources, so we are used to coming up with affordable solutions that can perform comparably to far more expensive systems

Identifying Your Needs

Our skills base goes beyond engineering into relationship building, so we can assist to identify your needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific unit or need clarification on where to start.

Support & Maintenance

We can provide technical support and maintenance in specialized areas, using an imaginative approach if the situation is beyond the scope of a conventional approach.

Working Globally

We’ve worked with manufacturers in UK, US, Qatar, China, Turkey, West Indies, Bangladesh and other countries throughout the world.