Complex Grease Formulations

Are you looking to change from manufacturing mono-soap greases to complex greases?
If so, we can help.  The processes are generally not that difficult, but there are details that it’s helpful to know about first.

Complex greases have certain advantages over their mono-soap counter parts, including:

  • Higher dropping point
  • Better water resistance
  • In some cases, higher load bearing capability

This makes them the ideal upgrade for applications where their mono-soap counterparts are being pushed beyond their limits.

Manufacturing complex greases generally have one thing in common; the “two-hour hold”.  The batch is held at a constant temperature, usually lower than the saponification temperature of a mono-soap grease, for a minimum of two hours while the complexing takes place.  After that, the batch is heated up to a higher peak temperature to evaporate off volatile undesirables and to achieve the right texture.

We have experience of manufacturing:

  • Lithium Complex
  • Aluminium Complex Grease
  • Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease

If you are wanting to make these, we can offer a raw materials sourcing, formulations and process protocols.  In addition we can undertake the following, to get your formulation to a level where it can be scaled up:

  • Making trial batches
  • Liaise with raw material suppliers and accredited testing laboratories