Production Module

Taking the skid mounted principle one step further, we have used the Production Module approach to simplify the shipment, on-site installation and commissioning as far as practicably possible.


One example is the Bentone Grease production module (main picture), which incorporates a 2 Tonne skid mounted unheated contra-rotating mixer, product pump, filter and in-line mill.

Another example is a 250Kg Lithium Grease production module (pictured below), which incorporates a 250Kg double motion jacketed atmospheric kettle, product pump and electrically powered thermoregulator. The electrically powered thermoregulator, originally designed for the injection moulding industry, is a particularly effective option for heating and cooling small process vessels. It circulates thermal oil which it can either heat with a built in electrical heating element, or cool, by passing the thermal oil through an inbuilt heat exchanger to transfer the heat to water. All of this can be controlled from a single panel with inverter drives and a temperature controller.

Ryland Research - Engineering Expertise in the Process Industry
Ryland Research - Engineering Expertise in the Process Industry