Hand Sanitiser Formulation Development

Do you operate a Distillery that produces “Heads” and “Tails” as waste byproducts?  If so, we have a developed a gelled hand sanitiser formula that converts that alcohol into a product that not only has the requisite ethanol content, but also smells less “industrial” and has a better texture than most grades.

The WHO alcohol hand rub formula provides a liquid, rather than a gel.  One argument is that a liquid penetrates better but the other is that the gel prevents the alcohol evaporating too quickly.  The overall view appears to be that a gel is the better option.

Our formula provides a gel with the following benefits:

  • Moisturising component to minimise skin drying
  • Not too slimy
  • Leaves no residue after rubbing
  • Not too runny
  • 70% Ethanol content
  • Essential Oil content that can be customised to create an aroma to compliment the distillation heads and tails

The aroma in particular makes the product a joy, rather than a chore to use.

The formula will work with heads and tails that have an alcohol content exceeding 82% to give a gel with an ethanol percentage comfortably exceeding 70%.  However, it is possible to use heads and tails with lower alcohol contents by mixing in TSDA1 Denatured Ethanol.  Typically a 50/50 mix of of 67% proof heads and tails, blended with 96% TSDA 1 will give the required result.

Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Bottles