Ryland Research - Lithium Grease Plant TrinidadThe customer was an experienced lube-oil blender.  However, they needed to start manufacturing grease in-house because of rising import tariffs.

Designed and Project Managed by Tom Ryland (Left in picture), this 1,000 Tonnes per annum grease plant was based on a 2 Tonne directly heated grease kettle and two steam jacketed mixers.  He designed it to manufacture:

  • Lithium Grease (Std and Complex)
  • Anhydrous Calcium Grease
  • Aluminium Stearate Grease
  • Bentone Grease
  • Sodium Grease

This plant used a single stage process to do the whole batch, after which the grease was stored in a hopper for feeding to the mill and de-aerator.