25Kg Pilot PlantA lubricants manufacturer needed a reliable way to replicate full-scale grease manufacturing processes, used by their production partners, in order to improve product quality.  They also needed an in-house way to make trial batches for end-user appraisal.

To enable this, we provided them with our most advanced grease pilot plant to date.  We designed and built this in partnership with Greaves Mixing Systems to replicate full scale batches across the widest range of grease types possible, by including the following features:

  • Independently variable speed Contra-Rotating Agitation
  • Temperature range up to 220°C
  • Pressure capability up to 10 Bar (Working)
  • Thermal Oil Heating and Cooling with option of controlling rate as well as endpoint
  • In-Line Toothed Mill
  • Vacuum De-Aeration

We also include the option of a data acquisition unit to enable it to record batch temperature and pressure profiles.

You can not only use this module as a pilot plant, but also for specialist grease manufacture.  This is made possible because the unit can accommodate larger mixing vessels up to 100Kg in capacity.